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SeeTec 5 Enterprise is the predecessor software to SeeTec Cayuga Infinity – also a powerful video management solution offering flexibility and scalability for projects of any size. SeeTec 5 Enterprise can be tailored to the customer's specific requirements thanks to the enhancements of the multi-solution platform and offers unlimited scope for expansion. The software is therefore ideally suited to medium and large IP video projects in particular. With SeeTec 5 Enterprise any number of cameras can be managed on any number of servers – the software therefore meets all requirements, even for large projects with several thousand cameras at different locations. The extremely high performance client-server architecture offers support for up to 250 cameras per server. SeeTec 5 Enterprise is also one of the most secure IP video management solutions in the world. In addition to secure storage of the image information in the database, it facilitates the consistent encryption of the image stream from the camera via the server to the client. The Enterprise Edition also features a variety of functions in the areas of data protection and data security.



  • Platform-independent software solutions based on standard IT technology
     - Support for numerous Windows operating systems
     - Optimized for multi-processor systems and 64 bit environments
     - Integration of I/O modules and third party applications
  • Integration of cameras and video encoders from all leading manufacturers
  • Recording of audio and video
     - Support for all standard compression formats such as MJPEG, MPEG4, H.264, MxPEG
     - Display and recording of multiple data streams per camera
     - Export of image data (film sequences or individual images, encrypted or open)
     - VoIP/SIP support (optional)
  • Activation of multiple screens
  • Powerful user management
  • PTZ control (screen-controlled or via joystick)
  • True client/server architecture
     - Unlimited number of cameras per project with 3500 fps per server
     - Distributed/networked installations
     - Remote access via VPN or NAT
     - Central administration of devices and user rights
  • Security features
     - Secure storage of image data in the database
     - SSL/3DES encryption
     - Password-protected export in proprietary format
     - Data security applications (masking, scrambling)