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The front of any CCTV system is a lens, often overlooked but a very important part of any system ...

Provide the right view in a variety of security surveillance situations with Siemens professional lenses that are easy to adjust. Focal-length and focus adjustments have screw-locks to ensure views remain as initially set.

Manual iris CS-mount lenses for use in applications with stable illumination levels. Ideal for use with modern 1/3" CCD cameras featuring automatic electronic shuttering (AES).

Auto-iris CS-mount lenses direct drive (DC-type) suitable for use with modern cameras featuring internal auto-iris drive circuits. Particularly suitable for use with cameras surveying outdoor scenes or in situations where widely varying illumination levels are likely to occur.



For all seasons, a range of camera housings ...

Siemens offers a complete range of IP66 camera housings together with a full range of accessories, brackets and spare parts tailored to the customer's need. All of these items adhere to high quality and reliability standards to support a safe and easy installation.

Our high-performance aluminium camera housings are supplied complete with sunshield, and are Ideal for cameras fitted with either fixed, varifocal or zoom lenses.

The protective housing is suited for permanent mounting with the available wall arms or for direct mounting on a pan and tilt head. The housing cover is easy to remove, facilitating on-site installation and cabling of the camera with lens. Space is provided in the housing for installation of a twisted pair transmitter or fibre optic module.

Single channel IP Encoder


Limitlessly extend the video cable ...

This single channel IP Video Encoder can effectively extend the transmission distance of any analogue camera it is connected to by replacing lengths of video cable, and utilising the network, and is the ideal device for supporting the cost effective migration of analogue to IP video systems.

Along with triple encoding for more flexibility, The ONVIF specification enables the encoder to be interoperable with other 3rd party ONVIF IP-based security systems. The integrated motion detection is an enhancement for all analogue systems and provides additional system security.