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As it is based on the flexible system concept of the Multi Solution Platform, SeeTec Cayuga software can be easily extended via additional modules. The powerful toolbox allows the design of tailor-made solutions which perfectly meet the individual requirements of customers.

Logistics Suite

The SeeTec Logistics Suite continuously keeps an eye on processes in the logistics industry, combining video streams with scanning and locating data and thus creating a new quality of information.

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SeeTec Analytics filter relevant information out from a flood of video images via intelligent rules and algorithms. This helps users to focus on really important events - and to react quickly.

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SeeTec Counting is an add-on module that counts persons and objects passing previously defined points or located within specific areas. It generates a continuous flow of information to support decisions for example in the retail industry.

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License Plate Recognition

The SeeTec LPR module (License Plate Recognition) is an add-on module for SeeTec Cayuga for the automatic recognition of license plates in stationary and moving traffic.

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