Evacuation Systems

Evacuation and voice alarm systems

Buildings and infrastructures are becoming increasingly complex. Streams of customers, constantly changing employees, outside contractors and suppliers – countless people move through buildings every day. But not everyone is familiar with the building and knows where the emergency exits are located.

In a serious incident, the risk is very high that people will not be able to safely escape the danger zone. In our modern society, great efforts are made to minimize life-threatening risks. As a result, owners and operators of buildings are liable for what happens in their buildings – legally and morally – even for unforeseen events in which technical and organizational rescue efforts ultimately prove to be insufficient.

Deployment of safe and efficient alarm and emergency guidance concepts and successful implementation of additional measures requires experience and know-how. As a market leader in fire safety, security and building automation, Siemens can provide this expertise and deliver efficient solutions to meet your needs.

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Voice Alarm System E100

When a fire breaks out, buildings have to be evacuated within minutes in order to protect lives. Buildings with large numbers of occupants, such as hotels, office blocks, shopping malls or universities, have special requirements regarding evacuation.The voice alarm system E100 sets a new standard for meeting this challenge. Its innovative safety functions allow an orderly and safe evacuation, even from multi-story buildings or buildings covering extensive areas and with large numbers of occupants. What’s more, E100 already fulfills all requirements of the new standard EN 54-16*.

Application areas


General office applications

Leisure facilities
Night clubs

Shopping centers
Department stores

Benefits at a glance
  • Rapid, orderly evacuation – thanks to clear voice messages
  • Maximum investment security – thanks to state-of-the-art technology, high modularity and networkability, and EN 54-16 compliance
  • Substantial costs savings of up to 30% due to energy-efficient, high-performance components

* European standard EN 54-16 is mandated by law for all voice alarm systems with effect from 2011

Voice alarm system E100 perfectly integrated in a fire safety system

E100 is a life safety communication system designed to provide rapid evacuation from premises in a safe and orderly manner.

Phased evacuation – for optimized use of escape routes

E100 allows automatic phased evacuation that’s individually tailored to your building. This is based on E100’s freely programmable control logic and digital signal processing, which permit the simultaneous transmission of different signals and announcements to different parts of the building. People in the immediate danger zone are instructed to leave the building first, following the signed escape routes. The adjacent zones are then gradually evacuated until all occupants from the endangered areas are safe. That prevents escape routes from becoming overcrowded, which – in combination with reassuring announcements – prevents panic.

Origin of fire:
The occupants most at risk are those near to the origin of the fire.

Evacuation message:
"A fire has been reported in this building. Please leave the building immediately."

Non critical areas:
Occupants not at immediate risk will block escape routes for those in immediate danger.

Alert message:
"A fire has been reported in this building. Please wait for further information."

Further evacuation phases:
Further floors are evacuated after a preset time.