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Simple and secure - with digital Technology ...

SISTORE AX offers all the advantages of digital video surveillance in a single compact unit. Developed for smaller applications, SISTORE AX can be used anywhere for recording up to 16 cameras, for example in petrol stations, small shops, supermarkets, museums etc. Quick and easy to install, SISTORE AX is particularly simple to operate. Flexible control, efficient H.264 compression, easy access to recorded images and powerful search functions ensure that you always get the images you need.



A new dimension of surveillance ...

SISTORE MX 3G is a hybrid video surveillance system capable of recording both IP and analogue cameras simultaneously. The flexible design makes it suitable for a number of applications such as banks and financial institutions, industrial facilities, shopping centres and retail stores, public transport and seaports. The flexible connection abilities of the SISTORE MX 3G ensure easy integration to other security or building management systems.

Vectis iX NVR and NVS


A new dimension of surveillance ...

Focus on your core business activities while we provide the very latest, complementary video surveillance portfolio for your projects, with our new Vectis iX range to complete our extensive surveillance product range.

With the speed and performance to capture greater detail than ever before, the Vectis iX Recorder range supports IP cameras of up to 20MP from over 90 vendors using combined ONVIF and SDK compatibility.

Its 288Mb/s throughput performance easily records 48 IP 3MP cameras at 25ips, and with a broad range of recording options including iSCSI Vectis iX is both scalable and suitable for both small installations and complex multi-site environments when using CMS.

Available in hardware and software options rangingfrom 6-64 channels, it doesn't miss a single detail.

Network-based video monitoring and recording for 6/16/32/48/64 IP cameras

Features and benefits
  • Conforms to ONVIF profile S
  • Powerful onboard analytics such as integrated motion detection and video analytics (including people counting)
  • Supports resolution of up to 20 megapixels
  • Time sector engine for immediate recording and playback
  • Common GUI throughout the Vectis iX range
  • Interoperability with SiPass integrated Access Control
  • Robust design for 24-hour permanent operation
  • Dual monitor, full-HD real-time display - Vectis iX NVR/NVS
  • Quad monitor, full-HD real-time display - Vectis iX CMS
  • Compact design for flexible installation.

Vectis HX


Definitely HD and Definitely Hybrid. Only from Siemens ...

Vectis HX has been designed and engineered with the next generation of hybrid technology in mind. By bridging the technological division between analog and IP surveillance capabilities, the Vectis HX has the ability to provide crisp, full HD display clarity, whilst maintaining high, feature-rich performance.



Intelligent digital video codec ...

SISTORE CX is an intelligent digital video codec capable of performing multiple tasks simultaneously over a network. Utilising MPEG4 technology, SISTORE CX offers incredible performance in both transmission speed, image quality and detailed video analysis. It provides three operating modes for real-time video: transmitter mode (encoding), receiver mode (decoding) or the combination transceiver mode, plus recording.

With its unique, user-friendly, web-based installation, SISTORE CX can be tailored to the application's needs with a few simple clicks on the home page.