DMS8000 danger management system

The DMS8000 danger management system from Siemens is a powerful system that enables centralized danger management and supervision. Whether in public buildings or industrial plants, small and simple or large and complex applications – DMS8000 is the ideal solution that meets any requirement.
The DMS8000 family provides a complete range of products for safety and security management:

  • MM8000 danger management station
  • MM8000 Express danger management station
  • MK8000 OPC server
  • NK8000 network solution

MM8000 danger management station

A specialist for versatile disciplines The MM8000 danger management station offers a one-source management application to secure the safety of people and facilities. The powerful station enables centralized danger management and supervision of a wide range of fire safety, electronic security and control systems. MM8000 easily integrates subsystems from Siemens or from third parties via standard interfaces such as OPC or Modbus:

Benefits at a glance:
  • Sophisticated management station backed by decades of expertise
  • Centralized danger management and supervision
  • High configuration flexibility to support the required safety and security strategy
  • Outstanding guidance capabilities during event treatment
  • Open architecture and scalability from small to large systems
  • Future-proof and secure investment in case of changing requirements

MM8000 Express danger management station

A specialist for versatile disciplines The lean and cost-efficient MM8000 Express danger management station is the ideal solution if you need to centrally control and operate your fire protection system from Siemens. The danger management station provides a clear overview of where a fire alarm originated and gives comprehensive instructions on what to do. MM8000 Express can easily be upgraded to the full version MM8000 at any time.

Benefits at a glance:
  • Tailored for small applications requiring graphic support
  • Central operation of fire protection systems
  • Clearly structured and intuitive user interface for a quick overview
  • Fast event treatment
  • History database to reconstruct activities and obtain long-term information
  • Safe investment – easy to upgrade to MM8000 danger management station

MK8000 OPC Server

MK8000 is a software product that integrates safety and security subsystems from Siemens into management systems. It supports the OPC (OLE for Process Control) standard, a specification or set of written rules and procedures that allows multiple software programs – or applications – to communicate with each other.

Benefits at a glance:
  • Standardized open interface to many types of fire safety and security subsystems from Siemens
  • Interoperability with systems from Siemens as well as with third-party systems
  • Client applications with full access to the plant that can be written with little knowledge of the industrial network
  • Cost-efficient solution as it can be easily integrated
  • Only one single, standardized interface
  • Flexible and modular software architecture that allows solutions ranging from a simple single-station configuration to a complex, distributed configuration

NK8000 network solution

NK8000 is the network solution to connect various safety and security units to the DMS8000 management station products. It is a family of network products specifically designed to serve systems of different sizes. The subsystems are connected via NK8000 Ethernet ports to the network. NK8000 is based on LAN standards, TCP/IP, Ethernet and BACnet/IP.
The NK8000 product family includes:

  • NK8232 Ethernet port – offers up to four serial lines and one LON bus
  • NK8235 Ethernet port – with BACnet gateway, up to four serial lines and one LON bus
  • NK8237 Modbus gateway – provides for bi-directional Modbus RTU and TCP/IP connectivity to the fire detection system

Benefits at a glance:
  • One Ethernet network for the management level and the connection to the safety and security systems in the automation level
  • NK8000 products can share existing IT infrastructure
  • One network type for local systems, campus-size systems and wide area extension systems
  • Safe and easy interactions with no needs of higher level systems
  • Configuration and download of configuration or firmware from remote centre

DMS8000 – fully scalable and open for the future

The open architecture and scalability of the DMS8000 danger management system allows complete integration of subsystems as well as the construction of small to large applications.

Local configurations

A local configuration for a small-sized application, e.g. a single building

The solution for small-sized applications is a single workstation containing all software levels from client to server and communication.

LAN configurations

A LAN configuration for a medium-sized application, e.g. a campus

For medium-sized applications, a client/server architecture can be implemented: Multiple operator workstations can be connected via Ethernet (LAN) to a central server.

WAN configurations

A WAN configuration for a large application, e.g. a company with branches in different cities

A distributed client/server architecture is ideal for large applications with multiple operation responsibilities: A server station provides communication and background functions to one or more networked client workstations connected via WAN. Since the server coordinates all activities, many operators can seamlessly cooperate on the same site. What's more, the buildings do not even have to be geographically close, but can be located far apart - even in different cities. For increased reliability, network connections can be set up redundantly.

Redundant systems

DMS8000 featuring a dual-server architecture: a redundant solution matching the most challenging fault-tolerant requirements.

Based on open standards

Whether hardware or software, the open architecture of DMS8000 is based on the latest standards: standard PC hardware, Microsoft Windows, MS-SQL server databases, OPC, BACnet, TCP/IP networks and the AutoCAD drawing format. Because it is an open system, third-party subsystems can be integrated cost-efficiently via a generic OPC client.

Expandable to meet any requirement

The DMS8000 system can be easily expanded: Additional management stations or subsystems can be added at any time necessary. Whenever needs or requirements change, DMS8000 can be easily adapted and modified. MM8000 Express can be quickly and easily upgraded to the full version MM8000.