Building automation and control system

Building automation and control system

Using tested applications as well as energy saving and monitoring functions on all system levels, Desigo™ allows you to permanently lower your energy costs without sacrificing room comfort. Another way to save energy is to actively involve room users in the room automation process. If your building’s usage changes or if you need to modify the room layout, Desigo can be flexibly adapted to the new situation. Open communication standards offer cost-effective integration capabilities for any building requirement –and you benefit from maximum IT compatibility. In addition, Desigo meets international BACnet standards and AMEV recommendations.


  • Lower energy costs resulting from intelligent energy management and energy saving functions
  • Long-term investment protection due to maximum flexibility
  • Optimized room climate enhancing user productivity
  • Higher efficiency with lower maintenance effort
  • Convenient handling in each phase
  • Certified reliability and longevity

Desigo building automation - maximum flexibility for long-term investment protection

Desigo automatizacija zgrada – maksimalna fleksibilnost za dugoročnu zaštitu investicije
The Desigo™ system is a forward-looking family of freely programmable management and automation stations for the full spectrum of building services applications in today's world. Innovative Web technology and open communications make Desigo a financially wise investment in the future.

Managament systems

Desigo Insight – central and convenient building management
Desigo™ Insight easy-to-understand graphic displays provide simple, intuitive control of your building systems without mistakes. Access, viewing, and the quantity of information can be tailored precisely to the needs and qualifications of individual users. With Desigo Insight, you also benefit from the continuous monitoring of process and consumption values: Eco Monitoring, trend analysis, and evaluation functions identify energy saving potentials. And thanks to Web functionality, energy discrepancies can be quickly detected and eliminated by remote access.

Desigo Insight sets standards as first certified management station with BACnet B-AWS (BACnet Advanced Workstation) profile on BACnet revision 1.10.

Automation controles

Desigo PX – flexibly scalable plant automation
The Desigo PX automation stations and operator units efficiently control and monitor your building systems. Comprehensive system features such as alarm signaling, time-based programs and trend logging cover all building system requirements. The open BACnet communication protocol (B-BC profile on rev. 1.10) and the support of the AMEV profiles AS-A and AS-B (BACnet 2011 - version 1.1) ensure an open system architecture. For plant monitoring, you can choose from a variety of operating options featuring intuitive user guidance and graphic display of information. These include simple operator units, touchpanels optimized for finger operation as well as a convenient Web operation.


  • Efficient automation of building plants
  • Flexibility and scalability for any application
  • Easy integration of thirdparty systems through open communication protocols
  • Optimal operations using tested applications
  • Operating option suitable for any requiremen

Room automation

Desigo room automation - efficient and flexible
For buildings placing more demanding requirements on functionality and flexibility, the Desigo™ Total Room Automation (TRA) range is the number one choice. Desigo TRA is used when several disciplines (HVAC, lighting and shading) are combined in an overall concept. The modular room automation stations (PXC3) communicate via BACnet/IP and are freely programmable. The proven Desigo RX room automation range offers predefined applications for all HVAC functions plus the basic functions required for lighting and shading. Extra functions can be provided by integrating the LonWorks or KNX network in the superimposed building automation and control system.


  • Significant energy savings resulting from intelligent functions and the involvement of room users
  • Long-term investment protection through flexible adaptability
  • Optimal working environment and user satisfaction due to intelligent comfort
  • High level of safety because of an experienced, reliable partner
  • State-of-the-art room operation via the intuitive touch room operator unit QMX7


Wide variety of applications for enhanced energy efficiency
With Desigo™ you can control different disciplines, such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning plants, as well as lighting and shading or other systems, via a single management station. You will benefit from centralized monitoring, system-wide harmonized processes, and reduced operating costs, thanks to open communication standards.

Fields of use

Wide variety of applications for enhanced energy efficiency
Desigo™ offers a wide range of applications for building automation as well as industrial use. Plants can be controlled and monitored flexibly and based on demand. These innovative applications allow for sustainable cost savings in building operation, conserving energy resources, and lowering CO2 emissions.


  • Added plant value due to the use of energy-saving, modern equipment
  • Contribution to meeting the requirements of EN 15232 in the highest energy performance classes
  • Room users save actively energy thanks to the Green Leaf symbol
  • Utilization of energy saving potential with Desigo Eco Monitoring at the primary plant level