Smart Building Technologies / Siemens Solution and Distribution Partner

Your first choice for efficient and safe technology in modern facilities.

We are your partner on the way to an efficient and safe building, reliable contact for equipment and services of the highest quality, tailored to your individual needs.

SBT has officially started working on October 1 2013, by reorganization of Siemens i.e. Building Technologies Division in smaller markets, due to the need for more efficient and flexible organization.
The company consists of highly qualified personnel taken from Siemens Ltd. Belgrade, who worked for years in local and international markets, one of which is part originated from another company ELPAS, former leader in the fire alarm systems. We see our future in further investment in staff and equipment in order to further the performance of highly professional activities in the country and abroad, independently or in a joint appearance with other companies.

Leading vendors, engineers, technicians and project leaders are part of the new-old team, who are available for all services in the field of safety and comfort in buildings, but also infrastructure projects. The company also has the most modern equipped service department that successfully maintains security installations and equipment and large systems, such as TELEKOM and PTT Serbia, NIS Naftagas, Raiffeisen Bank and many others.

The company consists of two main parts:

  • FSS (Fire Safety & Security),
  • CPS (Control Products & Systems)

FSS (Fire Safety & Security)

We are able to provide you with complete project solutions within the division FSS, starting with reviewing your needs, and defining the concept of protection. Upon adopting the concept of protection, we start with preparation of project documentation that fully defines all necessary systems, their functionality and performance. Further phases of the project realization are:
  • Installation / assembly works
  • System programming
  • Commissioning
  • Functional testing
  • Development and delivery of the necessary technical documentation
  • User training for handling system as well as the handing over the system to the Investor for use
  • System maintenance
  • Functional removal and replacement.
During the exploitation of the system i.e. during the warranty and out of warranty period, SBT provides the necessary support to maintain the system in the scope and manner that is complementary to the technical capabilities of the user.

Own warehouse is a guarantee that the implementation of the system can’t be delayed due to the delivery of equipment and that systems in operation, some of whom are working more than 30 years, have high availability to work.

Number of jobs, done by SBT so far, and before as Siemens Ltd. and Elpas Company, expressed in hundreds, for example, in the references we listed several representative buildings in the country and abroad.

SBT is investing in its own development and protection system and associated software programs that can be easily adapted to the local needs of our clients. Special attention is given to marketing and to this and demo-center is formed modeled on the demo-center companies that we represent.
This demo-center is used for training of managers, designers, operators and service providers. Equipment in the demo center was established in the form of modules with terminal connectors, so that it can be transmitted to give performances at domestic conferences, trade fairs, etc. Complete documentation in Serbian language was prepared for all systems of electronic security provided, starting from the catalog to the detailed technical documentation and guidelines for working with systems.

As a Siemens partner, our sales portfolio includes the following systems:
  • Automatic and manual fire alarm (Sintesi, AlgoRex, Cerberus Pro), the manufacturer Siemens Building Technologies - formerly Cerberus
  • Systems for automatic fire extinguishing water and other resources (FM200 / HFC227e, Novec, CO2, Nitrogen sprinkler, high pressure water spray, Drench systems, extinguishing foam...)
  • Perimeter protection, external and internal protection of the facility from intrusions and raid (Sintony, SPC...).
  • Access control and time and attendance (Proximity technology on 125 kHz and 13.56 MHz Mifare technology, integration with Smart Card Systems, Time and Attendance, PKI II and SAP systems integration, cards personalization...).
  • Closed circuit video surveillance (Fully integrated IP solutions, as well as analog systems with 5-generation hybrid digital recorder, from replacement of the VCR recorder to multi-megapixel)
  • The detection of toxic and explosive gases (Explosive gases, CO, CO2, NOx, Detection of alcohol, Freon, ammonia...).
  • Network surveillance systems of all security systems, from small stand alone to networked systems across the territory of the Republic or elsewhere.
In addition to the basic program of Siemens equipment, we have partnership agreements with many other companies, of which we are particularly proud of
  • SeeTec leading manufacturers of Video Management System
  • WinGuard, leading software platform for system integration
  • Bosch, for video surveillance systems and sound systems
  • Assa Abloy mechanical locks & lock systems Abloy, HID, EffEff (Electromechanical gates - tourniquet, electric locks, lock systems, door closers, master key system...).
  • MSA, Spectrex,……
  • Sony IP CCTV

CPS (Control Products & Systems)

Automation systems in modern buildings allow the user of the facility comfort by maintaining the set of AC parameters with maximum energy efficiency.

In addition to AC, automation systems control the energy in the facility, lights, connectors, as well as subsystems such as elevators, generators and the like.

CPS offers to the market:
  • in the design phase of the investment price-performance analysis,
  • in the conceptual design phase the design of modern technical solutions that Siemens offers in the field of automation HVAC systems, lighting control, connectors, consumption etc.
  • in the design phase support to the designers in proper and optimal selection of equipment,
  • at the stage of offering through partner companies, we offer solutions to turnkey,
  • in the implementation phase, we offer quality and efficient performance through partner companies,
  • in the exploitation phase of the facility, we offer preventive and routine maintenance.
Siemens equipment that we offer can be classified into the following categories:
  • Peripheral equipment (sensors, damper starters, valves and valve drivers, calorimeters),
  • Controllers (autonomous, room, compact, modular and controllers for special applications),
  • Supervisory BMS systems.
The equipment is the result of a combination of knowledge and experience, it is easy to assemble and subsequent exploitation. The long life and minimal cancellations make Siemens equipment leader in the field of HVAC applications.

The high level and competitive price make our offers acceptable to clients who expect the highest level of service. Numerous references obtained after realized orders are confirmation of this.

The network of partner companies is complementary to our service, which guarantees easy access to technical support in all cases.

We are completely open to suggestions and solutions recommended by our clients. Many of our realizations are often incurred as a result of discussions and searching for optimal solutions that meet customer expectations.

Many investors positively evaluated our efficient work organization, technological capabilities and the ability to look for ways to save money with appropriate price of service that will not adversely affect the quality of implementation.

Thanks to the high level of qualifications and experience, and excellent collaborative with partner companies we have executed a large number of jobs, which represent the top in HVAC technology.

Automation of business and / or residential space via KNX / EIB Building Management System provides integrated intelligent control of lighting, heating, cooling, ventilation, blinds, curtains, shutters, Audio Video and Satellite TV systems and integration into a single system that enables intelligent object management through touch panel, intelligent switches, highly sophisticated universal remote control with graphic display high resolution through smart phone, the i-phone locally (Wi-Fi) or via a computer (internally or with remote access from any internet point in the world) and all of this integrated with floods, fire, access, intrusion detection system.

Through KNX systems can be realized:
  • Individual lamps or groups on / off
  • Dimming of individual groups of lamps
  • Calling and redefining light scenes
  • Selection of the day / night mode
  • Turn on the lights in case of panicčenje
  • Management of blinds control - individually, in groups or centrally
  • Temperature control and lighting in accordance with to user of the space, or by defining the interior.
  • Integration of KNX / EIB system in an apartment by managing audio-video device via touch-screen remote control.
  • Visualization and authorized access to the business part of the building from the central system for monitoring and control.
  • Integration of KNX / EIB system with thermo and hydro systems (systems of heating, ventilation and AC, hot water preparation, cold water preparation, etc.) in order to monitor, manage, change parameters, modes, etc.
  • The possibility of monitoring all systems that have to operate in fire conditions, as well as on diesel-electric generators.
  • Access to KNX / EIB system via the Internet, local area networks or mobile phone. In addition to protection against unauthorized access.
  • Measuring and optimization of consumption per area groups in accordance with the owners or users wishes.
We believe that these systems are the basis of smart homes of the future and we are available to use our knowledge in order to help our customers on their way to a comfortable, energy-saving.